On the Boards: Rochester, NY

>> Thursday, August 1, 2013

A month or so ago my friend Nellie called and asked me if I would help she and her husband design their new house in Rochester. I almost said no, for the obvious reasons; a three month old, a crazy busy husband with an unpredictable schedule, and Rochester is not exactly the next town over. But the more we talked on the phone the more I realized how much I missed Nellie (they left Boston last summer). Then she sent some pictures and I decided that I had to go see this backyard for myself. This stuff doesn't exist within Boston proper. So I flew to Rochester.

The house is pretty too, but I would seriously live in this backyard. Not kidding. Live.
We are starting with a few rooms on the first floor. Nellie is fun and her personal style really reflects that. Here is what the previous owner had going on in the living room.
And here are some process drawings and images of where we're headed. 

As you can see, I was having some fun with the ole' Photoshop paint bucket this afternoon, but it totally gets the point across. Much more fun right? Because nobody's going to be in that backyard come January.

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