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>> Thursday, April 26, 2012

I commented on this original post about how much I hated status updates, especially workout related status updates (mainly because they make me feel lazy). But after spending the morning reading about my awesome friends back home who are running the Nashville Marathon, I change my mind. You've earned your braggin' rights! Status update all day long.

It's been a while blog friends! My little business has been quite busy for the past couple of weeks. Combined with motherhood, I have had little time for much else.

We got back from an awesome 7 days in NY two weeks ago. I highly recommend AirBnB which is where we found the apartment we rented. We only hired a sitter for a couple of nights, so having a separate living room was essential for Mr. Sabbe and I's post bedtime hangouts.

Rems was excellent at hailing cabs.
And this wannabe hipster decided it was much cooler to be yourself after immersing ourselves into hipster central, aka The Brooklyn Flea, Williamsburg for an afternoon.
Next time you are in NY, go to Son of Essex. It was my favorite place we had dinner. 
Get the lobster pot pie. It was amazing. Do not get the steak. Mr. Sabbe was still hungry:)
In other news, my good friend Betsy hired me to design a coffee shop she is opening up in Fenway. It's going to be called Neighborhoods. It will be awesome and exactly what our neighborhood needs. Here is where we are today.
This little bathroom in Arlington is still plugging along. The floors are going in today.
I snagged some more old wood that I am using to make a custom vanity mirror.
Lots of here and there type stuff.
I recently started helping a couple who is renovating a brownstone in the South End, my favorite Boston neighborhood. We selected paint for the house today and are currently in full swing designing the parlor level. This project is fun because if I had my pick out of all the types of homes in Boston, this is exactly where I would want to live.
And this past weekend our sweet friend Geoff had a group of us up to his family's cottage in Cape Ann. It's a short drive from Boston and pretty much heaven.
Who would have thought I would have my baby outside in a pool, in Boston, in April!?
I think it's safe to say, this has been the best winter/early Spring in the New England area ever.

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