Mr. and Mrs. Clause Silhouette Pillows {a tutorial}

>> Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?

I pinned Toby Fairley's Saint Nick pillows last week because I thought they were adorable. I am a really big fan of holiday decor that is well integrated into your existing decor. Unfortunately, this Christmas, Tobi's pillows are not in the Sabbe family budget. So I decided to get out the ole' freezer paper and give it a DIY go. I added a Mrs. Clause and I'm really excited about how they turned out.
 I found some free clip art online and used Illustrator to create these templates. 
I made two envelope pillow cases. I did buttons on the back of mine, but for a super easy, button free tutorial see here. Tip: if you do decide to do buttons, wait to add the buttons until after you have stenciled. I ended up having to cut my buttons off and then sew them back on...bad planning.
Here are all the supplies you need (plus an iron) I use Jacquard Textile colors for my paint. 
This color is 106 True Red.
I am not the first person to do a freezer paper stencil, but here is a refresher. Trace the silhouettes onto the freezer paper, glossy side down, and then cut them out of the center of the sheet.
Iron the pieces onto the pillow case, make sure all the edges are smooth and flat. Place a magazine inside the pillow case (the paint will leak through) and paint. I then removed the freezer paper and used a small artist brush for touch ups. 
Let it dry overnight and ta-da....
I was too lazy to do the knife edge with an accent color, like my inspiration, but I like the buffalo plaid peeking out on the backside.
And because I already had the fabric and buttons, the total cost of this project was $3 (the fabric paint)
It really was such an easy project!

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