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>> Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yesterday morning I did a little picking. Among other things, I scored two brass lamps for $14 that I was pretty proud of. When I came home I took the lamp off of my nightstand and replaced it with the new. That's it, no new additions.

When Mr. Sabbe came home last night I informed him, because it's very hard for the average non-blogger to keep up, that brass was back. I showed him my nightstand and said "what do you think, cool right? kind of hipster, like nobody knows brass is cool but us". I continued because I could tell he wasn't getting it "you know, we're so with it that the average person is going to think it's terrible, but we'll know it's cool".

He just looked at me and said "Stephanie, I think it's fine, but that little set up you've got going on, on your side, looks 100% nursing home". I looked and laughed out loud, because he was 100% right...

I turned 30 on Thursday and apparently woke up a grandma.
Can't you imagine me right next to this set up in my Craftmatic bed, head full of velcro curlers? I can.

p.s. Thanks for all of your sweet emails and comments about my little blog fiasco. I love blog friends. I am not going to quit blogging, I'm just overwhelmed with work and motherhood right now and do not see myself finding time in the near future to restore any of the old posts. But that is the intention.

Also, I would LOVE to revamp the ole' blog to make it better looking than it was before. If anyone would be interested in exchanging some interior design help for a little graphic design help please email me. I am decent in Photoshop, and could probably do the overall graphics I have in mind myself, but I am in desperate need of some layout (code tweaking) assistance. 

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