Fall Fashion Wish List

>> Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My friend Lauren came up from NYC to stay with us a couple of weekends ago. She was telling me that she recently invited a friend over to help her clean out her closet. It's a friend she really trusts, in the fashion department, who was also not afraid to tell her the harsh truth about needing to part with things she thought she "might still need." Sometimes I feel like I have a rotation of about 4 things I really like to wear and the rest is just a bunch of "might still needs." If I were adding some new everyday pieces to my wardrobe this Fall, which according to our CFO, on account of our recent new mattress purchases (worth every penny), is probably not going to happen. But if it were, here are some things I would pick...

BC Footwear flat

And I was in Target the other day and tried on these, they were much cuter in real life.

And I also kind of liked this...kind of

And just to keep this a well rounded list, I want these too:)

You know the old saying, "those who can't, blog about it"....just kidding, I made that saying up.

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