In the Beginning...

>> Friday, June 3, 2011

I love the beginning of projects. Each one is like the start of a new school year.

I recently put together a little "new client" package for my some of my, well, new clients. People pretty much have a general idea of what they want when the come to me, a new kitchen, new living room, better use of space etc. etc.  But the number one question I get is, so how does this work, where do we start? So along with a bunch of other info, I included some early phases of some projects I have worked on here in Boston this year to give people an idea of what the beginning might look like.

 I have always related design to having a baby...way before I even had a baby. The beginning is like when you find out you are pregnant, so exciting! Those first couple of months are so much fun. Then around the middle, decisions have to be made, might be a tad uncomfortable. Right before it's over, there can be some stressful, sometimes painful moments. But you push, push, push towards that deadline and whaaala, you get your baby. You look at your baby and it's beautiful and you did it! And that's the drug that makes you forget the stress and do it all over again. I love interior design and babies.

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