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>> Monday, February 21, 2011

It's snowing here again, which really does not make me excited to venture out to the tile showroom today. I am working on a master bath renovation in Arlington, which is right outside of Boston. My client has a very eclectic personal style, she likes orange, and is a huge outdoors woman. This is my abstract spin on a modern bathroom in the woods.

And, as most projects do, it has evolved quite a bit from the first go round above.

Did you notice it got bigger!? We decided to move a wall out 3 feet to make it more of a "master bath" feel. The house was built in the 20's, when there was no such thing as a master anything.

We tackled some major decisions this past week, but there are still more to be made. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can get it all documented and off to the contractor before this baby comes. Construction administration wearing a Baby Bjorn should be interesting. Just kidding.

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