I Won't Creep You Out With an Ultrasound Pic

>> Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I really think those pics are something only a mother can love. My friend Jenny told me she had nightmares for weeks that her baby was going to look like Sloth from the Goonies after the doctor gave her her first round of 3-D pics. I prefer the old fashioned, black and white, silhouette myself. And instead of looking too closely before he's done cooking, I prefer to look at his clothes. Here are some of my recent faves.

Bryan's grandmother knitted this...amazing
 My sweet friend Erin sent him this hat last week that she found on Etsy.
I love handmade gifts and sweet friends.
And I found these little booties at Baby Gap last week for $4.50. Score.

Baby clothes, much cuter than 3-D ultrasound pics, right?

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