Holiday Recap

>> Monday, January 3, 2011

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles! We racked up some mileage this Christmas. But all the travel was so worth it to get to see so many friends and family. Friday I flew solo to Knoxville where I took a nap at my in-laws and then borrowed their car to drive to Nashville. Saturday my sweet friend Erin hosted Baby Sabbe's first shower. I got to spend time with so many dear high school and college friends.
It was the best 24 hour trip ever.
That night I drove back to Knoxville, slept, and awoke to the preparation for shower #2 thrown by Mama Sabbe Senior and her lady friends.
Again, it was great to see so many wonderful friends. Look how excited Mr. Sabbe was.
The next morning we headed to North Carolina to spend some time with my family. 
Mr. Sabbe's driving beverage. Do people drink this stuff outside of the South? Not my cup of tea.
While in town, we stopped to look at some cows.
played with some super cute cousins
 and someone got their very first Walmart haircut. It was so long. We thought about asking her to carve in a rat tail for our own amusement and photo op, but then we thought again and decided there might be someone with a fondness for the rat tail in store and decided to abort.
Thursday we headed back to K-town and for the next couple of days did a lot of this...
and this
under this
which this guy {also known as Project Mike} found for $100 at Home Depot, it was the best.
Then on Saturday we crowded around the Sabbe Family Christmas tree to open presents.
My brother-in-law outdid himself while confirming that someone actually reads what I post on Facebook.
The next morning at 5am we headed back to the airport. By 5 o'clock that night Boston looked like this.
Hope you had an wonderful holiday season! I have a long to-do list before my little guy gets here, should make for some good blogging. I am also slated to start two new projects this month. One commercial, one residential. I can't wait to see what the new year has in store!

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