Emotionally Healthy Spirtuality: Chapter 9

>> Monday, November 29, 2010

This was another great chapter entitled "Grow Into an Emotionally Mature Adult." It's main goal was to focus on how we can learn to love others well. One thing I really took away from this chapter was a refresher on the fact that God made all of us in His likeness. He loves all of us. This is something that I constantly forget, especially when I find someone to be particularly frustrating. I probably do not verbalize it, but the content of my prayers definitely reveal that I think God loves me the most and sees things my way through various life struggles. I remember a former co-worker I had who seemed to constantly be on my nerves. I used to pray for this person and I'm pretty sure my prayers were more like "It's you and me against this person God, please defeat them for me" instead of "God, I know you love this person, teach me _______ to make this situation better."

Another subject this chapter addresses is speaking truth in love and being a true peacemaker. Truth in love, that's a tough one isn't it? We're all full of truth, but how to wrap it in love before delivery is not an easy task. Do you have a good friend who is making poor decisions in their life? I have had a few instances where I probably should have worked harder on speaking truth in love, but opted to bow out to avoid conflict or to "spare a friendship." One example of speaking truth could be telling a friend the way they are treating their spouse is not healthy or kind. These kinds of things are tough and we so often hear or say "it's just not our business, we need to stay out of it." But as a family of believers, it is our business, not because we are nosey or self-seeking, but because we love one another and care deeply about each other's happiness. Being a true peacemaker is kind of along the same lines. The book gives an example of group of employees sitting in a break room talking badly about their boss (been there,I was probably leading the conversation). One person wants to speak out and defend the boss. But they decide not to, to avoid the lash back from the group.

My friend Ashley is true peacemaker. I struggle with gossip, I know I do. I try to make a conscious effort to try to avoid people or conversations that I know will lead me down that path. If I am ever starting to gossip to Ashley about anything, 10 out of 10 times she will bring up something nice or positive about the person or situation for me to consider. She doesn't even have to tell me I am gossiping. The contrast of her comments when compared to mine let me know I need to stop. If I had an IPhone I would want an Ashley App.

Next week is a summary of everything we have gone through in chapters 1-9. If you are reading along, I hope you have enjoyed this book as much as I have. Does anyone have suggestions for future blogable books? Is blogable a word? Does anyone want to lead the discussion for another book on their blog?

I will leave you with a photo of Bryan Griswald, taken this past weekend by the newest photog on the block.

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