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>> Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last week I was making a mad dash through IKEA before a client meeting and spotted these little hooks on display. Mr. Sabbe has been requesting coat hooks by the door since we moved to Boston. I have been politely ignoring him. As a designer I try to ride the line right down the middle on form versus function. In our last apartment you walked directly into our living room and it was just not my cup of tea to have 4 poofy jackets hanging in my living room 24/7. In our new place you walk directly into a long hallway. At first it seemed like wasted space, but over time I really like the idea of having this "walk off" area before you actually enter any of our main living spaces. So I folded and bought the man some hooks and to my surprise, I like them very, very much.

 I love anything lined up in a neat little row.

Man, that green living room sure does make the hallway look drab. We might have to do something about that. He owes me for the hooks:)

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