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>> Thursday, July 15, 2010

So I told you yesterday that I hear a quote from Friends every time I see lobsters. Well every time I go to New York I hear this song. What can I say, my life is a combination of sound bytes and top 40 songs. Heather, maybe Shane can make me a CD!

I came to New York yesterday evening to work on a mini install for my project in Tribeca. I say mini, because we are only about 25% complete, but my client is having a party and so we are working towards making our in progress design look as party ready as possible.

No progress shots yet, but I do have some photos of one of my favorite New York memories. The first time I visited New York City was in 2005. I had started my first job with GS&P in the summer of 2004 and my mom invited me to join her on a business trip the following winter. I was beyond excited. I heard architecture and design talk all day long and one of the very popular projects at the time was the Christo Gates.

The first day, while my mom worked, I walked around the city by myself. I remember feeling super big time. On my way to the Guggenheim I spotted the Gates, and proceeded to feel even more big time that I was getting to experience something in real life that everyone in my office had been talking about for weeks.

They were kind of weird, I know, but the point was getting to see it first hand. And it was not until later, when I saw some aerial photography, did I understand the amazing concept behind Christo's design. They were permanently imprinted on my brain as a representation of my first trip to New York City.

Later on that year a vendor came through the office and gave all of these designers this little scale.
 Do you know what it is?
So cool right!? And I have managed to not lose it for 5 years. And that's a lot for a person who, in that same 5 years, has lost a passport, credit card, drivers license, and approximately 1 million hair bands.

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