>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

To the surprise of most, I LOVE designing corporate interiors. Love it. There is such a formula. It's so methodical and organized, but still lends itself to very fun and creative design opportunities. I love it because I get it. I get the process. I know all the parts and pieces. I can somewhat accurately estimate the duration of the project. Since establishing Sabbe Interior Design, corporate interiors was one thing I have greatly missed. Don't get me wrong, I am loving residential as well. I love getting into people's minds and helping them create their own perfect space. But corporate and residential could not be more opposite. I have always said this is so because people don't (typically) sleep in their office, they don't raise a family there, they don't photograph their holiday card in the reception lobby, and therefore corporate interiors tend to be a little more cut and dry. It removes the personal factor. It's somewhat of a machine. It's efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing and it's very, very fun to design.

So this week I was very excited to officially land my first commercial interiors project since starting my own firm. I will be spending the next couple of months helping the Harvard Stem Cell Institute design their new administrative office space. The client is great and I am very excited for the opportunity.

Our ceiling is very low in this space, so we will not have the opportunity to do a lot with ceiling plane changes, which is one of my favorite corporate design elements. But we are going to have some fun with carpet tile.

Stay tuned for more about this project.

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