Let's See It Again: Best of Nate Berkus

>> Monday, June 14, 2010

Moggit Girls are hosting a "Nate Day" today and they have asked a group of design bloggers to post about their favorite Nate Berkus design. I adore Nate Berkus. His interiors are clean, classic, and a bit masculine, which I know Mr. Sabbe would enjoy. I couldn't choose one particular Nate design that I loved the best, but I did want to point out one thing he does with most of his spaces that I think is genius. Can you see a common thread?

At least one piece of furniture in all of these rooms is mirrored. I love it. You get to see the room over and over again, from multiple angles, in little slivers of furniture. Genius. The Nate Berkus Show is scheduled to launch September 13th, so glad we have cable now.

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