That's a HUGE Bag

>> Monday, April 19, 2010

I made a spring bag this weekend. It turned out a wee bit larger than I had anticipated.

I'm telling you, once you go messenger bag you will never go back. Hands free. Then you can hold your coffee in one hand and awkwardly hold the grab bar on the T, with your elbow in a stranger's face, with the other. And your bag will never slip off your shoulder. I have loved this one all winter. But I may have to give it another go with this one...
It's just SO big! And the sad truth is, I know I will eventually fill it up. But I'm not sure I'm ready to go there yet, especially since I do not change diapers or feed babies on a daily basis. I do tell myself that these three little pockets in the front will change my life. If you sew, you know what I mean.
Every bag I make has more options to be more organized. But it never takes. I just end up getting really annoyed trying to figure out which one I dropped my lipstick into.

Happy Patriots Day!...Who celebrates that holiday you ask? Boston! along with 10 other random holidays. It's like we're all bankers here and I love it. In about 30 minutes I am going to try to catch the winner of the 114th Boston marathon! I'm so excited.  I hope some of their drive rubs off on me. Come back to see photos.

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