I Found the Mothership

>> Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tonight I attended a party hosted by Maharam, Green Source Solutions, Reflex Lighting, and Teknion.
The invitation read: Join us, 7th Annual Hidden Talents Unveiled: Creative works by members of our design community. My thoughts: my dream party!

 It was a cocktail party with a bunch of architects and designers (who have full time jobs in the A&D world) and also make and sell crafts on the side. i.e. my people! I found my mothership tonight in the middle of Southie. This group was SO talented and I wish I had my camera with me so I could share all of the great things I saw.

The big coincidence of the party was meeting Traci Roloff of Filz Felt. Last week I was reading an article Apartment Therapy had written about her fabulous felt business she recently started, with friend Kelly Smith, in the South End. Start up stories fascinate me and the idea of a good fabric store in my hood fascinates me even more. She told me she and Kelly met on Etsy, isn't that crazy! Kelly was the seller, Traci was the buyer, they discovered they were both in Boston and the rest is history. Traci is also an Interior Designer. Here are some images from their cute, cute shop.

Cutest ornament ever right!?

And the supplies! Oh the supplies! I might actually get to make the Bitty Booties I've been dying to give a try.

Have you started your holiday shopping? So far we've made a calendar of a certain 4-legged creature for her adoring grandfather. It's pretty awesome.

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