Ruffle Skirt Onesie

>> Monday, July 13, 2009

As you can see, I am on a bit of a onesie kick this week.

I have wanted to make a ruffle skirt attached to a onesie for a ta-da....

I think the photo would be much cuter with a little fat baby inside that onesie.

{a heart on the hiney for this one}

I'm catching up this week on unsent baby gifts.

And only because she cried and cried when Bryan was taking the pictures of the is my fat baby...

Lately we've been watching reruns of America's Next Top model together. I think she's been taking notes. It may be the stage mama in me, but I think if there were a cat version she'd take the prize, hands down. See the second one...holding that pose without straining her mouth...that's not amateur.
{I promise I'm laughing while typing}

And I, of course, would be the Niles Barker of animal photography.
{nothing to laugh about there}

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