Game Day Onesies

>> Sunday, July 12, 2009

That time of the year is quickly approaching! I doubt Mr. Sabbe and I are going to be making it to the greatest place on earth this year, but I will maintain my support for those who will with crafts! Along with a new football coach, we will be welcoming two new fans into the world. My dear friend Liz is having twins, Ella and Will.

{and I hope she doesn't read this post before I get these in the mail}

tiny hinies

I figure they'll get plenty of UT paraphernalia, but the most stylish fans always sport the colors without the logo. I can't wait to see babies in these!

Liz is a true fan, but her husband is the truest fan. If you follow UT football you know there was a season (2001) where Casey Clausen was cool and then there was a season (2003) where we all turned on him and blamed him for all of our shortcomings. Ryan was the one non-fair weather fan I knew who refused to bash the Ice Man. On a side note....does anyone remember the Miami Vice Homecoming poster?...pleaaaase say someone remembers that!....the boy had it coming.

Depending how the week goes I may start and Etsy shop. What do you think? SEC onesies? I won't like it one bit {ha, ha}...but I could do other schools too. Maybe with matching booties?

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