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>> Sunday, July 5, 2009

Have you heard of photographer Tara Whitney? I ran across her blog today and have found myself entranced and almost misty eyed at some of the videos she has put together as a part of her shoot package. It's such a neat idea. Check out her blog. She may be the best at capturing life I've seen yet.

Falconbridge Family Film from Michel Sandy on Vimeo.

During my sophomore and junior year of high school I worked at an organic grocery store. While working there I made a sweet friend named Gracie. She made her own clothes, drove a cool 1980's Mercedes,used organic deodorant, and had ambitions to dread her hair. This is how I would imagine Gracie and her family today.

p.s. If you're not in love will Priscilla Ann yet...fall... in... love
{another addition to the soundtrack of my life}

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