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>> Monday, June 22, 2009

I've been excited to post the flower boxes Mr. Sabbe installed for me outside our bedroom window {so I won't miss my pretty flowers in my pretty yard, sweet man}. In my mind the photo would have a cascading sun beaming in through the window. Not my luck ...I've been singing the rain rain go away song for two weeks now. But on account of my major case of the Mondays, I wanted to post anyway. The purple one's are supposed to bring butterflies. Zoe will love that.

And here's a little peek at the living room. I'd say it's about 30% there. I want to make some fun curtains. It needs something fun in here. I can't decide if I'm over the damask thing on the right. It goes better with the dining room side of this space. I'll save that side for a later post...with 800 s.f. we've got to space the home decor posts out. Our petite furniture worked out well. {Mr. Sabbe's plans for large-man furniture foiled once again}

We bought the coffee table this weekend. It's fun to put your feet on. It made us laugh thinking how small our last coffee table was. I suppose this piece could be counted as man-size.

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