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>> Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We just signed a lease! I wanted to share with you {southerners} what you can get for your buck in Boston. Now put your designer goggles on, it's not Midtown bungalow...but I think this place has some serious potential.

Please excuse the current renters mess. Poor renter, she didn't know a crazy blogger with a camera was trapsing through her house this weekend. Hope she doesn't read blogs.

It is a garden level unit...thus the bars....but I'm thinking I can deal with that.
Any city dwellers have any advice on how to create an illusion with these beauties?
Fireplace...cute! {blurry pic...not cute}
Note you can fit a full size dining table...the dinner parties will continue!

And a bed fits in the bedroom....and you can actually walk on both sides of it.

And drum roll please....

It has a washer and dryer in the unit! and that's HUGE for me. I have a little problem with the hanging up clothes right off the body thing. They hit the floor...which requires them to be washed. Mr. Sabbe hates that... I'm working on it.

Stayed tuned for the AFTER pics! This will be more of a challenge than my house because I can't go into full construction mode. I will have to be extra, extra creative and extra, extra thrifty. I can't wait!

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