The Fastest Sabbe

>> Friday, April 24, 2009

We're going back to my hometown this weekend to run the Country Music Marathon.
We are actually doing the 1/2, but it's a first for us both, so we are very excited.
Once upon a time....
I was much faster than Mr. Sabbe...I was the runner in the family.
I ran in high school and have tried to do a couple 5Ks a year to keep my "runner" status
Bryan plays golf....he's the golfer in the family.
In college he would never run with me...said he looked stupid running.
So I ran alone and he played golf.
Years later we married and he decided to give it a try.
In August of 2007 we signed up for an 8K in Memphis.
The week before the race, during one of our 3 mile runs, Mr. Sabbe turns to me and says
"You know, I like's different than golf...once you get good, you are just good"
I reply
"Well actually, sometimes really in shape runners just have a really bad day"
He replies
"Hmmm, I don't think so"
Fast forward to Sunday
Remember we're in Memphis
The race was at 2pm
It was 90+ degrees outside.
We're about 3 miles into it and he turns to me and says
"Go on without me...I can't make it anymore...I need a break"
And so, being the good wife I am
I leave him
I finished first in my age category
I can't remember where Mr. Sabbe finished
But as you can see he was very thrilled to beat this 85 year old man
To tell the whole truth,
Mr. Sabbe ate peanut butter before we left the house that day without consulting me.
It doesn't take a running pro to tell you that lots of peanut butter 30 minutes before a 90 degree, 5 mile run is probably not the best snack choice
Fast forward a year and a half
Mr. Sabbe is now fast
So fast I can hardly stay with him on our long runs
I knew those skinny lets would become runners legs with a little guidance
It makes me sad and proud at the same time
As my best running friend, I want him to stay with me so we can
chat,encourage one another, and look like a cute little couple crossing the finish line together
But as my husband, I want him to beat as many other husbands as possible!
As the submissive wife I strive to be would do...
I hand over my title as The Fastest Sabbe

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