Lord Make Me a Bird

>> Friday, March 13, 2009

Sweet Jenny! Oh I loved this movie...cried my eyes out the first time I saw it. And although all of us have not experienced trials in our life equivalent to the story in Forrest Gump, we've all had moments where we're felt like asking...
"Dear Lord, make me a bird, so I can fly far, far, away..."

This week at Downline I had the pleasure of being taught by Dr. Jim Allman of Dallas Seminary. Dr. Allman shared a little insight with us on how we truly are God's little baby birds
and His desire for our fleshy life is that while we're here we'll figure out our wings and fly.

And how does the mama bird teach her babies how to fly?

She pushes them out of the nest!

and they fall....

and fall......

and fall.....

And just when they think there is no hope, she swoops down and grabs them and returns them to their nest...

But as soon as they get comfortable....she does it again...and again....and again....
and who knows how many times it will take

Until one day they spread their wings...and fly!

Dr. Allman's point was, trails build character, and if we can pause in the middle of our fall we may be able to see God's hand training us to fly.

Hope you fly away this weekend!

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