My Winter Bag {bows and pleats}

>> Sunday, January 18, 2009

I grew tired of my fall bag and dropped a few open ink pens on the inside, so this weekend I sat down to finally make the winter bag that's been floating around in my mind since early December. I felt like some of my bags were relying to0 heavily on the design of the fabric as opposed to the actual design of the bag. So I forced myself to step it up a notch this time. My friend Kendi helped me do so by giving me an old bag of hers, which I ripped apart to make a pattern. So this is not entirely original, but I really like the way it turned out. The huge bow was my addition...and my favorite part. I was a big bow wearing child, so it's no surprise that I love big bows on my bags as an adult.

Almost looks like the bow would glow in the dark. That would be cool. I could go to a rave, if I'd ever been or would go to a rave, and dance twirling my bag around. I can hear the techno beats now. Surely that would be the coolest form of glowing dance accessory at the party. You know...I have been to a George Acosta concert. Does that count as a rave? He did a remix of the Dirty Dancing sound track and I remember feeling very cool because I actually knew the words to a song. Now I've got myself waaaay off track.

I like my bags big.

I also like the pleats....which remind me of my high school cheerleading uniform, which was by far my favorite outfit from seventh through twelfth grade. So basically this bag sums up two of my childhood favorites...bows and pleats. It will be a perfect everyday bag until it gets warm again and corduroy is out of season. By then I'll probably have dropped a couple more open pens in in the meantime I'll start thinking of a Spring bag design. Thank God for seasons...and more reasons to sew!

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