Shiver to Smell the Flowers

>> Friday, January 30, 2009

So pretty...most people think fresh flowers in the the summer...maybe in the fall?...Prime indoor flower season for me is in the winter. Why winter you ask? Well, my house is cold. Cold like the coolers they keep flowers in in the flower shops when they don't want them to die.
Now I would prefer to not shiver when I get out of the shower...but when I look over to my white roses that have made it two weeks, still lookin' good, I remind myself to enjoy this season of life...exaclty how it is... right now. No matter how cold I am I know one day I'll look back and miss my little 1917 bungalow and all the exciting adventures it has brought into our life.
p.s. If you live in Memphis, I get these roses every other week at the SuperLow grocery store next to the Target on Colonial...a dozen for $6.99! Wow! that's a grande latte!

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