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>> Sunday, December 7, 2008

Friday Night I attended a rehearsal party for the Nut remix at the New Ballet Ensemble and I was so excited about what I saw I could hardly contain myself....and then I didn't have to because they let the crowd come out on the dance floor and join them! It was the traditional Nutrcracker Ballet with the music and dance styles remixed with a hip-hop flare. If you know me at all and remember how I taught myself the Superman dance by standing in front of the computer watching YouTube for two hours before my 26th birthday know this was almost too much for my heart to handle.

The New Ballet Ensemble was founded in 2001 by Katie Smythe, a native Memphian whose lived in both LA and New York working as a dancer and soap opera actress. She returned to Memphis in the late 90's with a vision of uniting the city through the arts, specifically through dancing. Her group consists of children, teens, and adults from every socioeconomic background. In addition to their regular performances they perform for local inner city schools and then audition interested students afterwards. From there they find sponsorships to allow these students to be trained at a professional level. One student they had performing Friday will be leaving next month to dance back up for Janet Jackson!

Their mission reminds me of my church's mission and excites me almost as much as the dancing did. They will be performing their Nut Remix this coming weekend and it is going to be amazing! Get your tickets while you still can.
p.s. I saw the classic Nutcracker at the Orpheum last night, it was also very good!

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