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>> Monday, November 17, 2008

Today was a big day for my crafts. My company decided to put me on a page of the fold out Christmas card this year...but hold on...that's not the big news.

My page is going to be about Green Architecture...still not the big news. They told me they were going to do this organic food/recycling type theme and I thought...hmmm...I know some really cute fabric bags I made that would love to have their photo taken by a super famous photographer guy. The photographer who did the shoot has done some stuff for America's Next Top Model. His named has escaped me at the moment, but I'll have it in my follow up post. Anyhow, the marketing group agreed and here you have my little bag's debut photo shoot.

I took this picture like the proud stage mom I hope to never be. I think they thought I was part funny interior designer, part crazy craft lady. Today I am embracing my crazy craft lady side.

I was thinking Sabbe Sacks for my newest name brand, what do you think? I think I like making up fake company names even more than making crafts sometimes. Do you have some friends who might like these for Christmas?

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