Let's Play My Favorite Game...

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My favorite game is called "I can make that". The game itself reflects my overeager, overconfident, overzealous self more than my sewing skills. But as I work on my short comings and my sewing skills, let's play my game!

Let's keep in mind that this game got me in a weird predicament a couple of months ago. And I forgot to mention! Maharam actually sued a company for following through with their own "I can make that" scheme. Although technically they did knock off one of the most famous design duos ever! One of the Eames grandchildren is curating an exhibit this coming summer in one of the San cities of California (can't remember San Diego, San Francisco...one of those) of all their most famous works. Ohh, what I would give to be an Eames grandchild. I bet they get all the lounge chairs they want.

So anyway, I've stated this before...Mr. Maharam is no messin' around.

But this week I think I can make these. Note when I say I am going to make these, it's more so I'm going to take inspiration from these. So keep calm Anthropology! Not all of us can afford $68 pajama pants...

I want to make this skirt for the Christmas party I'm having at my house next weekend. ($228!)
The ruffle looks a little hard. It might have to be a modified version.

And this just makes me happy! ($78!!) I gasped as I typed. I was thinking I might string real popcorn for my tree this year. It makes me excited to think about.

We'll see what I actually make. Thus far my record is not that great. But a girl can dream!

Happy Thanksgiving if I don't get back to the computer before then. Mr. Sabbe stole my laptop. He's in Boston this week. Isn't that crazy...if we weren't married it would be like Sleepless in Seattle.

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