Redeeming Love

>> Thursday, August 7, 2008

Read this book! You know those kinds of books that you close and your just like "uhhhh"...(that was a good uhhhh) like you are emotionally drained but wish it would just keep on going. That is where this book will take you. It is based on the Old Testament story of Hosea the Prophet and Gomer ,a prostitute. And if you've read this book of the Bible you'll agree, no one likes Gomer. The whole time your thinking...what the heck is her problem. But this book will make you LOVE Gomer...or at least have some serious compassion for Gomer. This book teaches you how every woman is dying to be loved.
I'm trying to get my husband to read it. Doubt it will happen with the woman in a dress on the cover. I wish they would have put a field or something. I would have had a better chance. READ IT and then call me to talk about how great it was.

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