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>> Thursday, July 31, 2008

As I've mentioned before, I spend my days working as a commercial Interior Designer in a large architectural firm. I like my job and sometimes I get to be really creative, but other times I'm boggled down in paperwork and computer drafting. On those days when I'm drowning in technical info and piles of paperwork I day dream of going home and crafting.

One of the benefits of commercial interior design is the free lunches provided by the reps of different types of interiors products. Yesterday we ate with the Maharam rep and she showed us the new line from Hella Jongerius. I was super excited to see it because I have had a designer crush on Hella and her wonderful designs since I was in school. You may recogize this pattern. It is on display at the MoMA in NYC.

So our vendor whips out Hella's newest line and all I can think is some of these crafty types in the blog world could totally make this...maybe even me! It's two layers of felt sewn with a straight stitch. But here's the kicker...this fabric retails for over $250/yard!! And I do not even feel bad that this weekend I plan to totally knock this off because Martha Stewart just had this random lady on her show teaching us all how to do this embroidery technique. We'll compare the $250 image to the yard I'm going to try to produce with my felt from Hancocks.

I don't consider myself to be a copy cat (in this one instance) I just think great minds think alike. I guess those minds would include Martha and Hella...I guess I am a copy cat...a copy cat who's ready to go home and do some crafting!

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