Cotton Anniversary

>> Friday, June 13, 2008

That's right, it's been two years. Hard to believe! We're celebrating a little early this year due to the fact that the actual date falls on a Monday. I am the planner of the festivities this year. We decided last year that we should rotate the years. I get the even and he gets the odd years. We figure it's both of our anniversaries, so for him to have to plan it every year would not be fair. I found our Save the Date postcard this week when cleaning out some folders on our computer. My how I miss my wedding planning much fun! If anyone thinks I stay busy now, imagine all that I currently do and add wedding planning to the mix. That was my life in Nashville two years ago. I was a busy bee and I loved every minute of it. I played by the rules and got something cotton. Any guesses what it might be? Can't say yet in case Bryan looks on my blog. Anyone have any creative cotton gifts for their second anniversary?

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