Money Pit Romantics

>> Thursday, December 29, 2016

Growing up in Nashville, Bellevue to be specific, I knew there was something special about the older homes in neighborhoods like Green Hills and Belle Meade. Bellevue was originally just a couple of commercial buildings established to serve the local farming community and really was not developed into much else until the 1970s (not the best architectural era). I grew up in a home built in the late 80s. So when we would drive through these older areas of Nashville and I saw things like limestone columns, old wooden shutters, and two story porches, even as I child I knew those things were special. And now as an adult, I know they are not only special but fleeting.

We had dinner last night with friends who are developing a few houses on our street. One historic and one brand new. It's a personal dream of mine to buy and renovate older homes in Nashville. But as the rumor mill has indicated and our friends confirmed, there is no money to be made in historic preservation. In the end it would have been less expensive for them to tear down the amazing, historic gem and build a brand new spec house. And with that bit of information, both 7 year old and 35 year old me cried on the inside.

I joke that I am two kidneys deep in our own house. We've put so much time and money into it (and still have so much more to do!) that I could not get rid of it right now even if I wanted to. But last night's dinner made me wonder, are we the only Tom Hanks and Shelley Long left in this town? At a time when Nashville is bursting with newcomers (with more than healthy housing budgets!) where have all the money pit romantics gone?

If anyone ever attempts to tear this one down (a top 3 favorite)  you will see me on the news, chained to the front porch. 

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