I Do Love a Good Deal

>> Thursday, January 24, 2013

Have you heard of Bemz? They make covers for Ikea chairs. Genius idea. Some are kind of expensive to where you have to ask yourself, am I really paying $400 for an Ikea chair cover? Key word here Ikea.

But now they have a clearance section and look at some of the cute options.
Lillberg $42

Karlstad $59. This one is my favorite, you can't see the legs!

Ekeskog $209. This Marimekko fabric is always a bit more expensive than their other covers, but what a fun impact it would make! Fun pattern for a playroom or nursery.

Stockholm $27

The best is if you can find these chairs on Craig's List for nothing and then get new covers, if used furniture doesn't gross you out. Big cities like Boston seem to be inundated with people's old Ikea purchases.

p.s. Does it not drive you nuts when people put $1 on a Craig's List post? It's one of my pet peeves. I pretty much avoid clicking on anything that is in all caps or has $1 in the title. 

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