Poll: How Long Did Your Toddler Sleep in a Crib?

>> Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So I'm almost 26 weeks and I thought it might be a good idea to start thinking about some practical things that go along with bringing another baby into our house like where is this kid going to sleep? We live in a two bedroom apartment in the city. And even if we had a bigger place, I like the idea of kids sharing bedrooms when they are little. Joanna Goddard actually wrote a post on the topic earlier this week and there is some very interesting feedback in the comment section

My concern lies not so much with the new baby, I should be better at sleep training for round two right?? but with the little person who already lives here. Despite his many awesome qualities, he has never been a stellar sleeper. So in my head (and prayers) I want him to stay in his crib until he's 4. Just kidding, but I would love for him to stay in his crib long enough to get him used to sleeping through the new baby's 2 am feeding cries. And once that boy is out of his crib I have no doubt I will find him at 3 am in the living room playing choo-choos.

So far there have been no attempts at climbing out. Although I have him enrolled in this gymnastics type class that I have a feeling may be teaching him tricks that will come back to haunt me. But, I would love to know, how long did your toddler stay in their crib? 

And there is a second question to this post for anyone who has owned a mini crib. How long did your infant sleep in a mini crib? 

Here is my master plan, feedback welcome:

 From day one I want to put the new baby in a crib. I let Remi sleep in a swing (first time parent survival mode, don't judge) for the first three months of his life. As you can imagine, the transition to a stationary surface was a little rough and probably set me up for sleep failure from the beginning. So I'm thinking of moving one of our nightstands into storage and replacing it with a mini crib. I hated climbing over a pack n play with Remi. I've got about 40" on the right side, it would fit perfectly.

I like the Grayson and Alma cribs. 
But after the teeth marks appeared overnight on my first nugget's crib, I swore I would never buy a super fancy crib. So what I really want is this Baby Mod crib from Walmart. It looks exactly the same and is less than $200. Unfortunately, it seems like it will never be back in stock.
Somewhere between two and three months I would like to roll the new baby in with his older brother and start room sharing boot camp, which I am already getting coaching on from my friend Ashley. Kind of like natural childbirth, which I made no attempt at, I feel like you have to be fully committed and mentally prepared for room sharing at these ages. But Ashley is my Douala, I'm going to do it!

What do y'all think? What is your experience? It's not going to be another 10 months without a full nights sleep right!?.....right!???

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