DIY Striped Headboard

>> Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Remember when I used to make stuff all the time and post it on this blog? Well I occasionally still find the time to make stuff, finding time to actually post it has been more of a challenge. A while back I pinned this headboard with the intent to make one for our bedroom. Last weekend I finally made it (thank you Presidents Day).

Here are a few shots of the process.
if you are wondering, no, my pillows do not have shams...still working on that.

Cost Breakdown
Fabric- $20
Plywood- $13
Wood Screws- $2
Egg Crate mattress pad I used instead of foam (flat side out) $14
Batting- left over from chair project $0

Pneumatic staple gun and air compressor- purchased for the chair project, also came in handy for this project.
Jigsaw- bought this at home depot for $30, so far so good.

I thought about adding the piping like the one on my pinterest board...but I will probably just leave well enough alone. Total time spent on project, including the trip to Home Depot, 3 hours. And you know, I kind of love it more than the chairs that took one billion hours. Funny how that works out.

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