I Like Stripes

>> Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I've been spending some time over on Pinterest the past week and I noticed a re-occuring theme on my fashion board. If you have yet to discover Pinterest, be warned, it is extremely addicting. It's like blogs on steriods.

I apparently really like stripes, horizontal stripes to be exact, and not just on my walls.

I like these pants too.

I really didn't spend any  money on maternity clothes during my pregnancy. I rotated a pair of gray and a pair of black leggings with a couple of stretchy dresses that I already had, that now have saggy bellies, every single day. I opted instead to focus my fashion interests on dressing Mr. Sabbe for 9 months. He racked up on a few trips to the J.Crew outlet. He really never buys clothes for himself because he wears scrubs everyday. It was fun, but I'm ready for it to be my turn again:)

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