Do You Know What a Flood Looks Like?

>> Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Until last week, I had no idea what a flood looked like. Here is a glimpse....
So that is what a flood looks like. 
I have seen floods on the news and am ashamed to say that I have never volunteered to go out and help anyone after a flood, tornado, or any natural disaster. But the amount of volunteers that came out to help the victims of the flooding that hit Nashville was AMAZING. Every 30 minutes there were people sticking their heads in the door to see if they could help with anything, or feed us, or give us water. It was amazing. I want to give a special thanks to my two uncles Jim and Jamie, my dear, dear friends Michelle, Lauren, Cara, and Jessica and Crosspoint Church, who taught be that small children are really good a ripping out wet drywall.
If you would like to help you can donate to the Middle Tennessee Red Cross Chapter or my family directly by clicking the button below.
Rebuild 980 Beech Bend Dr.

My mom's street was in a 1,000 year flood plain, which does not require homeowners to have flood insurance. 95% of the people on my mom's street, including my mom, did not have flood insurance. It addition to monetary donations, I have also sent out an email for donations of appliances, furniture, linens etc. I will work on adding a tab to this blog to highlight what has been donated and what is still needed. We are working on getting a POD storage unit set up in her driveway to store all donations.

If you are a product rep (carpet, tile, plumbing fixtures, fabric, hardware, paint, wallcovering,furniture etc.) and think your company might be interesting in donating to the rebuild, please contact me. It's a tiny house (1100 sf) so it's wouldn't take much. But as a designer, I would be loyal to your product forever:)

Thanks to everyone SO MUCH for their generosity, time, and prayers. In the midst of disaster, it is amazing to see people venture out of their comfort zone and away from their busy schedules, to help those in need.
To see a list of donation items CLICK HERE

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