Take Me Out to the Ballgame

>> Saturday, November 29, 2008

....take me out the the field....but there was no ballgame.

We have had a fun filled, touristy, family-in-town, holiday weekend...my favorite kind of weekend! I love out of town guest because it gives me a good excuse to go to places like Graceland..which we did last Thanksgiving. This year we had our nails done at the Nail Bar, saw the ducks march at the Peabody, had lunch at Rendezvous, dinner at the Arcade, walked around the Trolley Tour, took a tour through Ernestine and Hazel's, cruised down Beale Street, and...I've saved the best for last...but first I have to share a quick story.

Bryan and I decided to play a little match maker this holiday season. Our friend Jessica drove us home from a retreat at the river a couple of weeks ago and through hours of conversation and getting to know one another we both had a light bulb go off in our heads (well maybe it was just me, but Mr. Sabbe has all the same light bulbs as me because we're married) I want Jessica to be my future sister-in-law! Unfortunately my brother-in-law lives in Raleigh and the chances of any super love connection was probably slim. But not letting logistics get in my way I arranged a semi-double date last night. I say semi because there were parents there for 50% of the date. And, I must mention, Jessica was a great sport for going on a first semi-double date that included parents! But we sent them home early and that's where my personal #1 touristy event comes back into the picture.

Jessica works for the Memphis Redbirds. She does all the events and entertainment coordination. Last night as we were leaving her apartment, heading to Beale, she asked if we wanted to go walk around the stadium....and we were like uh...yeah! and it was so neat.

Totally empty. We sat in the dougout. I felt like I needed to spit (not very lady-like I know)

I picked out my at-bat song...the Lip Gloss song of course.

Cute right?! I'm the best match maker ever (I think)

Here I am posing like I was running the bases. Mr. Sabbe says this looks more like I'm doing a really weird dance. I think I agree.

If you are ever in Memphis and say...there is nothing to do...call me! I think we could definitely find you something. We love this city!

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