The Practice of Restraint

>> Friday, October 7, 2016

RESTRAINT! or should I say restraint? Restraint is hard. Restraint when speaking (an especially hard one for me) restraint when eating, when selecting clothes, *when perusing social media* --  restraint when designing interiors. It's about selection, about prioritizing, restraint is about self control--something I think we're all becoming less skilled at in our world of consumption. When we see restraint in practice we know it is good- like a pruned boxwood or a well tailored suit. But I think in our world of noise, we know to guard our ears, but sometimes we forget our eyes. Whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist, there's always a case for restraint- you can eat a decadent meal and leave happy, or you can eat a decadent meal and leave sick. I think the same kind of experience can be translated into interiors, and so we practice restraint.

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p.s. I wrote a blog post! I also turned off comments because I have no idea how to block all the spam comments. It's been over a year, I'm a little rusty:)

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