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>> Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Last month I had the huge honor of having one my my projects photographed by my friend Michael for the Boston Globe Magazine's "Family Friendly" issue. And thanks to his crazy good camera skills, we made the cover! Lynn, one of my favorite clients ever, worked in the magazine industry prior to motherhood so she had a good idea how things were going to work. And then my sweet, sweet friend Lindsay helped with styling, schlepping, and all the other glorious stuff no one reading those glossy pages ever sees. It was hands down the most fun shoot I've been a part of. The cherry on top was total cooperation by the star of the show, Miss Anna. Here are some pics that were included in the article and some that were did not. You can read the article, written by my talented friend Marni Katz, here.

 Thanks, Boston Globe Magazine!!

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