Before {Back Bay Kitchen & Bath}

>> Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I've got one more for you! This one may be my favorite before and after of the year, although the additional square footage we captured for the bathroom in Arlington really does make for a luxurious space. But as I have mentioned before, I love designing small spaces. It's challenging and seems very applicable to the part of the country I am practicing in, where it is not uncommon to pay a million dollars for a 2.5 bedroom home. At 500 sf, this apartment is definitely small.

The family purchased the unit as an investment and it is where their twenty something year old daughter currently resides. They really let her call the shots as far as the renovation goes and it was such a fun experience, kind of like designing for my 24 year old self.

The bathroom before
 And the kitchen
 Click HERE to see the after. 

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