I Love a Good DIY...

>> Monday, December 3, 2012

...especially when I just think of the idea and someone else does the work:)

I found this vanity while browsing the internet one day.
$122, not bad.

I thought it would look awesome if we cut off the base, added bun feet, and gave it a coat of paint. 

And it does...
My client is a real hands on type of guy, but he knows his limits. So he took on this little piece of the renovation himself and I am so impressed. We're finishing it off with a Luce di Luna top and some pretty hardware. 

Here is a glimpse at some quick pricing drawings we put together 
to give you a better idea of the overall design.

I'm doing lots of work on tiny spaces like these lately and I love it. 
Although renovating people's only bathroom can be quite a nail biter!!!
Hammers start swinging tomorrow on this one, wish us luck!

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