Oranga Glad You Didn't Spend $1000 on Fabric?

>> Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I am working with a client who loves this nursery. Luckily, we all love this nursery right? 
The ladies at Anyon Interior Design are so talented. 
The space we are working with is adorable all on it's own. It's a nursery...with a fireplace...doesn't get much cuter in my book. So we started with the stripes. 
Next we wanted to do similar window treatments (imitation is the finest form of flattery right!?) but sadly the colorway we wanted from Quadrille has been discontinued. So I started poking around trying to find other teal/orange color combos. Would you believe there really is not a ton of that combo in the world of designer fabric? At least not in the places I was looking. So I found myself on the fabric.com website last week and look what I happened upon. 
 Orange and teal!

All 54" wide and all under $10/yard! See HERE.
I was pretty proud of myself. Saving other people money is almost as much fun as saving myself money.

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