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>> Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hi blog friends, it's been a while. I don't know where the time goes! We have been super busy over here, working and playing. Memorial Day weekend I got to go back to NYC to spend time with three of my best friends from college. We live in four different states, so it was so, so awesome to get to to be together in one place.

You know what a good great friend looks like? She's the one carrying a nursing backpack all around Manhattan, pumping in random coffee shop bathrooms, so she does not have to miss a girl's weekend. That is one cool mama and one great friend. 
{pretending to take a pic of the shoes, but really just wanted to document the backpack}
Love you Courtney!

After I got back from New York I worked like a crazy lady. We had to get a set of CDs out to get health department approval for the coffee shop...and we passed! No pretty pictures for that, but it's a pretty big deal. If you ever want to open a coffee shop here is a free tip, be nice. The owner on this project is one of the nicest people I have ever met and stuff just works out for her. It is amazing. We did not realize mop sinks had to be behind a closed door, so we did not have that on the plan. Typically that is a big "REJECTED" stamp. The guy hand drew in a door for my client. That never happens! Especially in Boston! Amazing.

After that big push we flew down to Florida to spend a week at Rosemary Beach with some dear, dear friends and their two children. 
Remi and his future wife Brecken cruised around town together in the bike trailer. 
Oh how I've missed you sweet, sweet South. I forgot how nice people are! I actually jumped once when someone said good morning to me. Oh Boston, what have you turned me into?

But back to making stuff, which was the point of this post. Last week Mr. Sabbe worked nights so I added another layer of pizaaz to a painting I've been playing with off and on for months. It just never felt right. So I took a cue from the very popular Amanda Talley and now I like it very much. {note: I am not an artist, nor am I trying to be, just a lady on a budget}
The first DIY attempt was just the dripped paint in the background, which I used watered down acrylic paint and a turkey baster to create.

But then last week I grabbed a couple more colors and added the swirls.
Lucky for me my Facebook friends had boosted my confidence that it was a project success, because over dinner last night Mr. Sabbe informed me that he does not like it.  I said "what do you not like about it, is it because it's pink" he said "no, I like straight lines." Ahh brother:)

I think it coordinates well with my chairs without being too matchy-matchy. 

I also made some new throw pillows for the sofa. We have a lot going on in here so I went with a solid white linen with a cute polka dot piping.

One day I will take overall pictures of the living room, but for now here is another tidbit. Do you guys remember the dresser I bought a while back with intentions to turn it in to a tv stand/toy storage?
Well she's been in full working mode the past couple of months and has been awarded 5 stars in my book.
I originally had old wooden crates in the bottom part to hold toys, but when Remi started pulling up on things the corners made me nervous. It was also a splinter waiting to happen. So I sewed pockets with two pieces of fabric and stapled in on the inside with cardboard tack strips. I rotate toys between the tv stand and the two black boxes under the chairs so he does not get sick of things. 
It may not be designer showroom furniture, but has been awesome for our current needs. He can grab his toys without making me nervous and I can pick up my living room in 2 minutes. Win-Win. The picture above is so old. He's such a big boy now. He says "yeah, yeah" after everything you say and this week he has started randomly exclaiming "wow!" I love being his mama.
p.s. Thanks to everyone who re-posted the wallpaper. It sold quickly!

Hopefully be back soon! In the meantime you can follow me on Instagram 

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