The Queen of the Daybed

>> Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who am I talking about??....
Katie Ridder of course.
Please don't miss the ceiling in this next one...
She uses daybeds everywhere and I love it.
The first three appear to have a trundle, which is such an awesome thing to have in a city apartment. We bought a bed with a pop up trundle for Remi's room last summer and are in the process of creating an upholstered head and footboard. Mr. Sabbe and I have logged a couple of weekends on that bed. Hilariously, we've never popped it up to be even. Remi goes down at 7, so instead of worrying about sleeping in the same bed, we're more like "whoever makes the sound that wakes up the baby is in charge of putting him back oh yeah, good night, I love you."

Fingers crossed we get ours finished before he goes to kindergarten. It just looks like a cozy little space for reading bed times stories doesn't it?

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