I Guess Everything IS Better in Texas {diagonal stripes continued}

>> Monday, September 26, 2011

This weekend I did a little internet perusing to see if I could track down that diagonally striped fabric from the last post. I have yet to locate the larger scale, but I did find this little pattern via the Best Little Fabric Store in Texas. They do not put scales on their photos, but I'm thinking this is on the small to medium side.

And then I got a little more creative with my searching and found diagonally striped fabric tape in this cute little Etsy shop, that also happens to come out of the state of Texas.
She also sells black and white twine, which if you think about it, is a teensy tiny diagonal stripe.
Another thought I had was if you wanted to do add a diagonal stripe as a trim down one side of a curtain panel, kind of like this...
You could cut strips out of a couple yards of chevron patterned fabric and fold them in half. It would create such nice detail to have the stripe going one way on the side of the panel and then on the back side, have it go the opposite way.
But speaking of Texas, anyone else want to be Tami Taylor when they grow up? or at least harness some of her wise parenting skills? Mr. Sabbe and I have been burning through some Friday Night Lights via Netflixs. We never watched the show when it was on tv, but now we are obsessed.  A couple of weeks ago I heard him tell our baby "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts...CAN sleep through the night"

He totally wants to be Coach Eric Taylor.

Texas Forever 
{insert Tim Riggins' southern, with a dash of Canadian (mainly when he says the word college), accent}

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