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>> Friday, July 8, 2011

Heeeelllo! I don't know about you guys, but the 4th falling on a Monday has really made this a crazy-busy week me, crazy-busy in a good way. I had a productive trip to Ann Sacks with one client this week and then this morning I met another client at my new favorite place, Longleaf Lumber. She recently decided she wanted to use a reclaimed hardwood for her bathroom renovation in lieu of floor tile. After a little internet searching, I found an awesome resource right across the river.

They have tons of options and the best part, they are soooooo friendly and helpful. I think I've told you guys before, and I'm sure many of you can relate, snobby sales people are the worst. If at all possible I try to avoid specifying anything from anyone who has a bad attitude or acts like they do not have time to work with me or my client. Hello, is it your job to sell things or to make people feel uncomfortable and inferior?  This was new to me when I started doing residential design. In the commercial, particularly the hospitality world, reps treat you like gold...knowing if they get their product in a 250 key hotel tower, their commission will be gold. I don't care if we are only looking for 20 square feet of something, we should get the same treatment as if it were 2,000, because next time it might be. One day I would love to pull a Pretty Woman on snobby showroom people...ala "big mistake....huuuuuuge mistake."

And Longleaf is no small potatoes. They have an installation in the upstairs portion of the new Starbucks in Harvard Square, if you want to check it out. I was also pleasantly surprised that the products ranged from $5-$11/sf.

Here are some images that motivated her to change paths.
I've blogged about Amy Butler's home (below) and honestly didn't even notice the reclaimed, wide plank on the floor. Probably because I was too focused on the wallpaper. Have I mentioned I love Amy Butler:)
I'm also pretty obsessed with it in a herringbone pattern.
Even though this is 180 degrees different from what we have been working on for the past 5 months, I'm pretty excited about the new direction.

In other news, that might also contribute to me a bad blogger this month, we are officially moving...again! I told Mr. Sabbe that we are turning into small radius gypsies. And speaking of hardwood floors, I need a moment of silence....the new place is carpeted. Sad right? The idea of used carpet, especially with my little nugget eventually crawling around, really gives me the willies. I will tell you more about the positives later. Have a great weekend!

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