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>> Saturday, June 18, 2011

If we move into that white apartment I told ya'll about, I'm totally doing this to one of the walls with some rolls of happy tape. You know I love some apartment friendly, large scale wall graphics. (This is random, but I have used the word ya'll my entire life and I like to blog how I talk. But for some reason when I type it on my blog, Paula Deen flashes in my mind. For those of you who have never heard me talk, I promise I do not sound like Paula Deen and I use the word ya'll far more selectively...I also vote for spelling it ya'll over y'all)

I'm pumped about a week on the beach with my man and my little nugget! We leave in the morning.We all went to our first clam bake today. I feel like the New England summer has finally commenced. Mr. Sabbe dropped a lobster in the swimming pool, not joking. I was the only one who saw, I almost died. FYI, empty lobster bodies do not  float. He also got me an iPhone for being married to him for five years:)  I can't wait until my fingers learn how to hit the letters I'm actually going for. I had intentions of doing a guest post/while I'm away series, but I didn't save enough time to format everything. If only I could teach this baby how to do his own laundry. So get excited about some great guest posts later! And if I don't get back here, have a great week!

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