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>> Friday, May 6, 2011

The title of this post should probably be brace your outdoor furniture. I got an email last week from a client in New York. Apparently two weeks ago a big gust of wind blew through Manhattan, picked up the outdoor canopy bed we specified last summer, and dropped it into the middle of the street below. That would be an 11 story drop! Freak out! Can you imagine!!?? Luckily no one was injured and it did not land on a car or anything, but seriously, can you imagine!? It was vented on top and pretty heavy overall. We actually picked it because we thought it would be the safer option to an umbrella. We are so thankful the only damage was to the daybed, but also a little sad because it was a pretty awesome daybed. We loved it...

And I never even got to photograph it with all of the pretty pillows we had made.
so sad.
For round two we have decided to dimiss any sort of sun protection.
Here are a few options we revived from our work last year.
Using these pieces from IKEA.

For these second two, we would definitely go sans umbrella.

Here is the second option.
 Using these pieces from West Elm.
And the third.
using this set.
What's your favorite? I think my client is leaning towards the last.

From now on I will be making sure all outdoor furniture is
100% secured to the surface it was intended to stay on.

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