>> Monday, May 23, 2011

Have you heard of it?

We had friends visit from Tennessee this weekend and they stayed in a house in Davis Square for $60/night. In Boston that = super cheap. So Mr. Sabbe and I spent a little time clicking around this weekend, seeing all the crazy, cool places we could go on the cheap. We really, really wanted to go abroad this summer while the baby was still small, but we could not find flights for less than a bazillion dollars in June, so we opted to spend the week in Martha's Vineyard instead. But if flights were not a bazillion dollars, look where we could have stayed for $122 USD/night.

That would be Paris outside that window....for less than a stay at an American Holiday Inn!

I miss you Paris. I recently asked Mr. Sabbe if we could move to Paris for a year, ala Oh Happy Day. He said "no, I do not speak French, I could not work in a hospital." And I said, "oh, whatever, I'm sure you could find a job at some hospital." Then his French co-worker ended my fantasy when he told my husband "no, no one would want you. you don't know the language or the culture" the end.

But the AirBnB options are endless, people even list their sofas, which I think is hilarious.
Anyone want to visit Boston in June? Would you ever consider listing your house or apartment?

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